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Do NOT Use An Umbrella For Snow, What Is WRONG With You?

This is the winter people decided snow umbrellas were a Thing.

— Julia Rubin (@juliarubin) January 21, 2014

This woman is right: You are all doing this, and it is horrifying. I don't know why we don't use umbrellas for snow as we do for rain, but THAT IS THE WAY THINGS ARE and to act in any other manner is one more troubling sign of how our selfishness and lack of decorum is dragging us all down. For SHAME, people. Have a little goddamn DIGNITY.


Now Bicyclists Can Look Smug Through A Layer Of Protective Plastic

"A hands-free umbrella designed to withstand winds of up to 50mph could help cyclists battling through April showers. The Nubrella, which resembles a bubble wrapped around the user's head and shoulders, works by strapping on a shoulder support and extending a canopy around the head."