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Names of 'Guardian' Reader's Pets in Order of Relative 'Guardian'-Readerness

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Adventuressism Confused with Spying

"Elements of the case against his client, Mr Owen said, included her interest in Nato and a string of affairs with older men in positions of authority." —A fun-loving MP's aide may be deported from Knifecrime Island because her dalliances with older men have convinced folks she is a crafty Russian spy. (Matta Harlot?) And we think we have it bad with all those Mexicans!


UK Prime Minister Cancels Tuscan Holiday :(

One thing you don't want to do probably is go a-thieving in a total surveillance society. The Metropolitan Police have set up a Flickr account with pretty pictures of a few people who have apparently gone robbing in North London at some point before or after these images were captured. It's the modern version of the "WANTED" poster, but en masse. Of course, some people have taken to Tumblr to do this vigilante style. In less dramatic imagery of the day, people have apparently taken to the streets with brooms to tidy up. Awww! And more to be found here.

In other, totally unrelated [...]


Have Your Say! Should We Murder Homosexuals?

Response and social desirability biases have actually made this BBC discussion poll interesting! It seems that if you start with the proposition that maybe homosexuals should be slaughtered, you'll get a lot of people saying, "Um, NO?" and also some people saying, "Well, not slaughtered, but…." In this way, we can find out what people actually do think of the gays.


Police Assault Video From G20

New video footage emerges of Ian Tomlinson, a bystander who died of a heart attack shortly after being shoved to the ground by police at the G20 protests.


Knifed Skull Found In English Garbage Belongs To Hunchbacked King

The murdered remains of another scrawny Englishman found in the rubble of a "car park" is actually the long-dead hunchback king, Richard III. This is why the United Kingdom continues to cling to its quaint system of royalty, so that a wayward stabbed king can occasionally be found in the sodden ground beneath a parking lot, to give people hope.

A skeleton found beneath a Leicester car park has been confirmed as that of English king Richard III. Experts from the University of Leicester said DNA from the bones matched that of descendants of the monarch's family …. Richard, killed in battle in 1485, will be reinterred in [...]


Huge Tosser Makes Sense: Russell Brand on UK Riots

Why am I surprised that these young people behave destructively, "mindlessly," motivated only by self-interest? How should we describe the actions of the city bankers who brought our economy to its knees in 2010? Altruistic? Mindful? Kind? But then again, they do wear suits, so they deserve to be bailed out, perhaps that's why not one of them has been imprisoned. And they got away with a lot more than a few fucking pairs of trainers.

These young people have no sense of community because they haven't been given one. They have no stake in society because Cameron's mentor Margaret Thatcher told us there's no such thing.

—The [...]


Enormous Gay Kissing Protest to Erupt Shortly in London

The city of London, which is the capital of a country called England and also of a semi-unified archipelago called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is located on an island called Great Britain, and is in the grip of a gay panic. Earlier this week, two hot guys in glasses were bounced from a pub, the John Snow, for kissing, and now the pub is beset by both controversy and more kissing gays. And a Guardian liveblog! The "MASSIVE SAME-SEX SNOGATHON" begins in a few hours. It's all so very 80s! And so two boys (Jonathan Williams and his buddy have a [...]


Fly Heathrow For Free! Oh Sorry–Fly The Plane Over Heathrow For Free

I know where I'm not flying to any time soon! British Airways is letting 800 staff work without pay; 4000 other employees are taking "unpaid vacation." I am thinking it will be not a big lifestyle change if I avoid London altogether really.


Depression In The UK


What If Scotland Divorced the UK?

"If the Scottish parliament votes to have an independence referendum, that's a vote that we would have to respect and we would have to allow that and enable that to happen." —British Prime Minister David Cameron, June, 2011.

Scotland may leave the United Kingdom. This stark truth has escaped the notice not just of the international community, but of most British people too. They don’t really yet believe that our country could once again be split just north of the wonderfully named border town of Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Life north of that border has always been different, with a separate legal system, currency, and, of course, wedding outfits, [...]


Oh Noes, UK Chancellor Has to Cancel Vacation Too :(

Chancellor George Osborne, once he found out that PM David Cameron left Tuscany just a few days after North London was overtaken by riots, "immediately" left California to go back and watch London and Manchester burn. (And observe its Diesel stores get their windows broken.) When will anyone ever get a long foreign holiday??? Not as long as angry jobless yobbos exist.

In other news, Angela Merkel is in the Alps, Nicolas Sarkozy is in the French Riviera, and Nick Clegg just got back from Spain and France. (This and many more photos here.)


The Increasingly Disappearing Pilot of 'Todd Margaret'

IFC yanked it from YouTube last month, but it's back again on Vimeo: the pilot of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. (via)