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UFOs Priced Out of Brooklyn and San Francisco: Now Hovering Over Detroit

In the nights before the promised Mayan Apocalypse, mysterious configurations of bright lights hovered over Brooklyn and San Francisco's Mission District. The first commenter here made the reasonable assumption that it was all some kind of viral marketing aimed at overpaid young urbanites.

But the product of such clever, vague and expensive advertising has yet to appear. And the silent, terrifying craft are now being seen over far less desirable urban areas including Detroit, Indianapolis and the Gulf Coast of Florida. What could it mean? Is Detroit poised for a comeback? And why are they also appearing in Poughkeepsie?


UFOs Caught On Video Over Brooklyn and San Francisco

Finally, one of the millions of video-equipped smart phones in Brooklyn have caught an unidentified flying object hovering over some of the world's priciest real estate. Why do the alien monsters want to live where everyone else wants to live?

It is not a coincidence that similar formations of eerie lights are also being seen (and video recorded) over the Mission District in San Francisco. And there's video of that, too.


The Falcon 9 Rocket Did In Fact Blast Off Awesomely on Friday

At long last, after embarrassing anyone stupid enough to make a joke comparing his sexual prowess to a 180-foot-tall, 333-ton rocket ship and then embed a live video feed so everyone could watch the thing sit idle on launch pad for FOUR HOURS while the engineers were, I don't know, fumbling with a condom wrapper or something, SpaceX's Falcon 9 finally (finally!) blasted into the air above Cape Canaveral at 2:45 Friday afternoon.