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What Became Of San Diego's Newspaper

The dystopian author Mike Davis once wrote that San Diego—the city where I live, 100 condo-packed miles south of Los Angeles—is "arguably the nation's capital of white collar crime." In fact, Davis devoted a book to the claim, Under the Perfect Sun, whose thesis underscores the old adage that "San Diego is a sunny place where lots of shady people go." Davis describes a history of graft and deception in which the city's business monopolists mingled with landowners and indentured politicians to create a Petri dish for "dynamic, even visionary, self-interest." Though such revelations have been reported on for decades, this view of the city's seedy past is a narrative [...]


Tribune CEO's Memo Says Today's 'New York Times' Story is All Lies

If you have not read the new David Carr piece on Tribune Company, I suggest you do, and I promise that even if you do not usually care about words like "newspapers" and "Chicago" and "bankruptcy" and "a collection of carnival workers," you will still enjoy it mightily. And then you can come read the memo that Tribune's Randy Michaels put out companywide last night in response. It follows, and it's really ridiculous.