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De Blasio Will Transform New York City Into A Cruel And Frightening Post-Apocalyptic Garbagedome

Just 100 days into the de Blasio era, we have entered the trash-shaming era. The city is rolling out composting in parts of the city, including Park Slope, and today, the city will be showing off New Yorker's waste production. Um… Brought to you by Glad! Sponsored shaming! How odd. The family above displays a week's worth of landfill and recycling production.

By the end of the de Blasio era, we'll all be living on the subways anyway, wearing outfits created from all the trash we make. We'll all fight from scavenged tools in his Garbagedome. I can't wait! I'm going to win!


Meet The Brave Entrepreneurs Who Will Save Us From Mayor Mike's Polystyrene Ban

Captains of industry, restaurateurs, and members of the New York City Council gathered on the steps of City Hall yesterday in protest. Councilmember Lewis Fidler has a bill, introduced yesterday and supported by Mayor Bloomberg, that would ban the use of polystyrene foam food service products—takeout containers, cups and plates, mostly.

This brave team of polystyrene advocates has strong support. Put A Lid On It NYC, who are sharing facts about the environmental benefits of polystyrene, is funded by the American Chemistry Council, whose mission is "to deliver business value through exceptional advocacy." There, you can learn that the proposed ban would cost the city $100 million a [...]


Tabloid Formats, Tabloid Measures

Awl friend (and contributor) suggests that you consider the National Enquirer and its methodologies, in light of, oh, John Edwards, George Steinbrenner, O.J. Simpson, A-Rod, Joe Biden and Vicki Iseman. (Remember that name? If you do, it's only because of the tabloid Times!)


The Bag Snaggers

Who saves New York City's trees from the menace of plastic bags? Meet the bag snaggers of the Bette Midler-founded New York Restoration Project. A short film by Aaron Reiss and Jamie Hefetz of Citizen Productions. Music by C418 and Magic Man.


Greatest Interview Ever: NYC's Trash Anthropologist Explains All

Remember Robin Nagle? The anthropologist-in-residence at the NYC Department of Sanitation? Well, here is a long interview with her! And it's awesome: "Every single thing you see is future trash. Everything. So we are surrounded by ephemera, but we can't acknowledge that, because it's kind of scary, because I think ultimately it points to our own temporariness, to thoughts that we're all going to die."


The World Is Full Of Trash

Adam Minter's Junkyard Planet, new this week from Bloombury Press, is available from all sorts of places:

Barnes & Noble

McNally Jackson


Your local independent

In addition, Minter is appearing tonight, November 13th, at 6 p.m. at the New School.

It's a book one might call “a lifetime in the making.” For the last dozen years, Adam Minter has lived in Shanghai, writing about the global scrap industry, the fortunes it created, the lives and environments it's ruined and how its fortunes paralleled those of the pre- and post-crash global economy. The result is Junkyard Planet, [...]


New York's Strongest's Garbologist Is Answering Questions!

"The department's many benevolent societies make up another set of subcultures. These are organized around religion (the Holy Name, for example, serves the department's Roman Catholics) and ethnicity (like the Afro-American Benevolent Society, the Emerald Society and the Columbian Society, among others). One of the newest of these is the United Women of Sanitation Association." -I've been waiting for this all week! So fascinating!