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"This group is advocating for a Trader Joe's"

"We are witnessing the loss of many neighborhood services, like grocery stores and laundromats, throughout New York. WE ALREADY HAVE A CHASE BRANCH AND A DUANE READE…" WHAT DO WE WANT?


Places I Parked In Los Angeles In 2013

ArcLight Hollywood, roof level. Grade: A+

The predominant strategy for parking in Los Angeles is to find the closest available space to the entrance of wherever it is you're going. This is flawed thinking, at least when parking at the ArcLight Hollywood. Drive, drive, around the back, all the way up to the top. Let everyone else waste the precious minutes of their lives searching for the 24 spaces left on P3 that are promised to them by a digital display just inside the main gate. Get to the roof and you will be rewarded with acres of empty spots, not to mention some of the best views [...]


How Many Pumpkin Items Are In This Trader Joe's Flyer? A Pie Chart Pie Analysis

Flipping through the October Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer, I couldn't help but notice there was a lot of pumpkin going on in there. How much pumpkin? Let's break it down.

Cover: 3 items, 2 pumpkin (pumpkin bread Mix, pumpkin ice cream)

Page 2: 3 items, 0 pumpkin

Page 3: 3 items, 1 pumpkin (Honey Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli) (*1 Butternut Squash, almost pumpkin)

Page 4: 3 items, 1 pumpkin (Pumpkin Cream Cheese) (* Toscacno Cheese with Cinnamon—pumpkin-esque)

Page 5: 3 items, 0 pumpkin