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A Photo Tour: Backstage at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Studio

My coworker Ally and I had an opportunity to tour the Hoboken production shop and initial staging ground at which the floats and balloons for Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade are constructed. This rococo monstrosity is the first thing you see when passing through the studio's surprisingly fortified entryway. Housed outside, we found an unidentified sleigh construction (not Santa's; it turned out to be the Dora float), three iconic Macy’s stars, red and inflated, and a blue cat on a rusty tin roof, all surrounded by barbed wire and a scattered few forklifts.


'Gossip Girl': The New York City Tour (For Morons)

We don't really have to do anything more than quote the headline on this press release: "Experience a Day in the Life of Manhattan's Elite on the Tour of 'Gossip Girl' Sites." But seriously: what, you can't walk into Henry Bendel all on your own, without someone telling you it was on the T.V.? It's a fucking department store!