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A Guide to Visiting Iceland on July 16th, 2014

Your day in Iceland begins on a bus, the Flybus, which shuttles along Iceland’s edge from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik. In ten years, you might be able to do this trip on a train that will carry a thousand passengers every hour. Iceland has never had a public train before, so it's possible that the first public train in Iceland will cater almost exclusively to tourists, whose numbers are projected to almost double by 2023.

Until then, it’s the Flybus, which traces a boundary between Atlantic Ocean and an inexplicable, bulbous network of volcanic rock. Observe as you travel that the treeless terrain, at once both traversable and inhospitable, [...]


Aren't We All, In Some Sense, Walking Off A Pier While Browsing Facebook?

"Tourist walks off pier while browsing on Facebook"


The Scene: Grimaldi’s Under the Threat of Eviction

The line at Grimaldi's yesterday afternoon stretched halfway down the waterfront Dumbo block, as it does most days-the pizza place has developed a reputation, through TV spots and gushing travel book write-ups, for being "the best." But the pie-seeking clientele may not linger on that Brooklyn sidewalk for long: tomorrow, the landlord will walk into the state supreme court and ask for the eviction of the institution, possibly forcing Grimaldi's to move from its flagship locale.


'Gossip Girl': The New York City Tour (For Morons)

We don't really have to do anything more than quote the headline on this press release: "Experience a Day in the Life of Manhattan's Elite on the Tour of 'Gossip Girl' Sites." But seriously: what, you can't walk into Henry Bendel all on your own, without someone telling you it was on the T.V.? It's a fucking department store!


Space Invaders

Tourists are freaks. (For context: I work in Times Square.) Tourists are unnatural to the environment into which they insert themselves; they walk funny; they talk wrong. David Foster Wallace wrote (in a footnote) that to be a tourist “is to spoil, by way of sheer ontology, the very unspoiledness you are there to experience. It is to impose yourself on places that in all noneconomic ways would be better, realer, without you.” Something similar might also be said of journalists, who also insert themselves awkwardly on someone else’s turf. But the journalist, if we’re being high-minded about it, serves some civic or artistic purpose; the presence of the tourist [...]


Okay, Help: What's Your Ideal Afternoon in Brooklyn for Tourists?

Say that you had two friends who had literally never been to Brooklyn. (This may actually not be impossible that you do have such friends.) And these two friends are coming to New York City this weekend, and they have blocked out Saturday morning and afternoon to Experience the Wonders of New York City's most populous borough (and the state's most populous county)!

I've been stumped for weeks about their itinerary and so I turn to you. Now, while I'm tempted to send them for a walk along the Gowanus (there are bat houses alongside the Gowanus now! I love it!), that seems unsporting and like something that [...]


German Murder-Snap Hero Tourist Only Still Anonymous Because He Resembles All German Tourists

Yesterday's post office stabbing-yes, we had one of those! In which a boy from Avenue D who loved pigs got stabbed either randomly or less so on the steps of the giant post office that will never become Penn Station-was documented by an apparently philatelically-inclined German tourist. This tourist begged for anonymity from the papers (as he now realizes when you stick your neck out in New York, we stab that neck). But New York Post photog G. N. Miller was there to snap Herr Dolph Himmlerstein, or whatever his real German name is, for posterity. (Psst: He's the white one!) Thanks, Posties! Now, Internet: please identify this [...]


Selfies from the 9/11 Memorial

On a recent afternoon, an older man and woman self-consciously configured themselves in front of the south reflecting pool at the 9/11 Memorial. The man placed his hand on the woman’s hip in an awkward clasp and grinned broadly as another person took their picture with a digital camera. A girl in a Yankees cap took a selfie with her camera phone, the Freedom Tower soaring into the sky behind her, the reflecting pool draining into nothingness. She was smiling. An Ethiopian man asked me to take a photo of him and his family. They wore blank expressions, though the youngest girl with them hammed for the camera with her [...]


Tourist Gets Tour of New York City's Racist Prison System

Add yet one more reporter to the long list of those getting arrested in New York! The chair of McGill's daily publications society board of directors, 21-year-old Aaron Vansintjan, might be interested in Occupy Wall Street, according to his Google+ profile and Facebook, but he actually got arrested for climbing a hill to go visit the Cloisters as a suspect in a made-up robbery, in one of the best New York City cops-gone-wrong stories in recent history¹. Miranda rights? WHAT ARE THOSE? On his tour through New York City's holding cells, he got to see the city's ugly secret: everyone else being held was African-American [...]


Here's What To Do This Weekend, You Putz

Untraditional tourist activities for this coming weekend recommended by Awl readers include: The Brooklyn cyclones, the dance party on Governors Island and what is apparently a swinger's party. ("Single men (or women) are NOT allowed but a couple may elect to bring an extra girl for an additional $30 on any night.")