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Top Chef Seasons, In Order Of Quality

I am still watching Top Chef! I watch it despite the egregious product placement ("Boy, these Toyota Rav4s have so much trunk space!" "I've got an idea! Let's fill it up with the Glad® family of products."), despite the reliance on reality show tropes, despite the fact that probably every other season is actually terrible television. I love it, even the terrible seasons. I think about the show after it airs. I like putting on old episodes in the background while I cook. I have Thoughts on which contestants went home too early, which challenges were the best and which were the most offensive, culinarily speaking (that'd be season [...]


Top Chef Pea Scandal

"Think about it: There are three possibilities, right? 1) Alex may indeed knowingly have stolen Ed's pea puree and used it; 2) Alex may have made his own pea puree and been wrongly maligned by his co-contestants; or, 3) Alex unwittingly may have mistaken Ed's pea puree for his own and taken Ed's, but truly believing that he was using his own. In two of the three possibilities, Alex did not intentionally commit any wrongdoing." -Tom Colicchio does a terrific job of explaining why I don't watch "Top Chef" "Pea-Gate," which has rocked the "Top Chef"-watching world.


Half Baked: Guacamole by the Ceviche Method

This, the first of two recipes we will provide for you for this weekend's festivities, is even easier than you think! Yes you can! USA, USA!

Even if you don't like football, and have not watched a single match this season, America demands that you will gather with friends on Sunday and drink beer and watch a game. If only to see the commercials. Really, it's the least you can do. The advertising agency spends the whole year selflessly making all our lives better. This is their big night. They've spent so much money-$2.6 million for every 30 seconds, more than they've ever spent before-that you owe it [...]