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Goodbye To The Best Show, Which Was "The Best Show on WFMU"

A few years ago, I changed cable providers. While the procedure's been streamlined over the years to where it's relatively painless, a sadistic remnant still remains: The vague installation time window. So one day, AT&T asked me to stay home for a six-hour period on a weekday. Luckily, I'd just quit my job. I had plenty of time to spare.

Most of those early unemployed/"freelance" days took on a consistent pattern: Wake up, throw together a breakfast, sit in front of my computer for five hours trying to find work, grab a sandwich from the nearby bodega, sit online for another five hours, drink three beers, sleep. As any freelance [...]


Titus Andronicus, "A More Perfect Union"

"The New Brunswick performance was a particular bright spot in a day packed with highlights—we were shooting Titus playing a basement show at a place called Fuck Mountain. The show was wall-to-wall with college kids who were really fired up to see the band return to their low-ceilinged roots." —New Jersey director Tom Scharpling talks about the extra live footage he recorded while making his video for New Jersey band Titus Andronicus's “No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future” back in February. Like the performance above, for example. The idea of being "proud" to be from New Jersey is a weird one. ("Hey Eddie, can [...]


Tom Scharpling Makes Good Music Videos

Here is the latest video directed by WFMU radio host Tom Scharpling, who is becoming a sort of indie-rock video auteur. His work is full of people in goofy costumes in pedestrian places and marked by a dorky, let's-put-on-a-show enthusiasm—albeit one tempered by a New Jersey native's acceptance that nothing's ever going to really work out anyway. Scharpling used to be a writer for the TV show "Monk," which was funny and great just like his videos. Watch more of them.