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You Know Who Else Hated Tipping?

Rich people, mostly, actually. Heh.

Here is the latest series of arguments—yeah, here we go again!—against tipping. It's discriminatory (when white and black servers are compared, diners tip blacks far less well) (PDF), it's unfair to restaurant staff, it's unfair to diners, and apparently it's unfair to Ayn Rand. Oh sure, everyone loves Kickstarter and "tip your blogger" payments, but someone brings you food and to hell with them.


Mexico On Two Baños A Day

Have you been on a vacation lately? As your Travel Advisor, I recommend you should go on one right away while we still have a pre-cliff Economy and stuff. I'm not kidding, you don't know what Our Government is gonna do to us next, so go and get some plane tickets to someplace right away and have a Vacation.

Based on my own recent experiences, I suggest you Vacate to the country of Mexico, and I'm not here talking about going to the places in Mexico where the Drug Wars are going on, people behaving like that with guns, nor am I talking about going to some beach-resort place [...]