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What Time Is the Super Bowl… ON THE MOON?

We all know what time the Super Bowl starts, whether it's here in New York City or in other, less important places, but there's one question nobody has asked: what time does the Super Bowl start… on the moon? The answer will shock and surprise you! And also confuse you!

The answer: 46-11-27 ∇ 10:43:09, according to the helpful site Lunarclock. Haha look at those weird numbers and that triangle thing in the middle! What!


Information For An Event Scheduled To Occur At The Weekend

The question is posed at this same point each year With mounting concern as the meeting grows near From both casual viewer and gathering host— North and south, east and west, up and down on each coast— The query goes out with a desperate cry: "We're aware that the game's biggest battle is nigh But here is the knowledge we need to acquire: At what point in the day does the contest transpire?" Fear not, gentle souls, let me end your suspenses: Half an hour after six is the time it commences.