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This Is Not a Metaphor

"Robots allow the cows to set their own hours, lining up for automated milking five or six times a day — turning the predawn and late-afternoon sessions around which dairy farmers long built their lives into a thing of the past. With transponders around their necks, the cows get individualized service. Lasers scan and map their underbellies, and a computer charts each animal’s 'milking speed,' a critical factor in a 24-hour-a-day operation. The robots also monitor the amount and quality of milk produced, the frequency of visits to the machine, how much each cow has eaten, and even the number of steps each cow has taken per day, which [...]


This Twitter Account is the End of the Internet

Today I accidentally found a Twitter feed that merely rebroadcasts all tweets that-pardon my French, please!-use the words "vagina," "pussy" or "twat" in them. I don't know whether to hurt myself or all of you. I guess you could say I'm disappointed, but not surprised.