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Tonight's Election Coverage: Five Things To Watch

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (IFC): I think this is the one with the whales. Nanoo-nanoo!

"The Cosby Show" (TV Land): They say the Obama presidency would not have been possible were it not for the gentle example of Cliff and Clair. On the chance that the contemporary, reality-TV version is canceled, why not bask in the memories? Hopefully it's one of the rare episodes where an old blues guy comes to visit.

"Full House" (Nickelodeon): They say the Romney presidency would not have been possible were it not for the gentle example of Danny Tanner. Actually, nobody has said that, but what the heck, you've got a whole [...]


Tonight's Republican Debate: Five Things To Watch

"Chapelle's Show" (Comedy Central): I'm not even sure which episodes they're running, but remember how great this show was? It's been a mere five years since it all ended, but it feels like a lifetime.

Goodfellas (AMC): This is one of those movies that you happen to come across when you're channel-surfing where you automatically stick with it until the end. You might as well start from the beginning.


People From The Fake Past Talk Too Much Like Us

Ben Zimmer, who writes a language column for the Boston Globe, has edited a series of clips featuring all of Downton Abbey's various verbal anachronisms. (SPOILER ALERT FOR AMERICANS: This video contains some non-plot relevant bits from episodes 7 and 8, both of which will air in the U.S. on PBS this Sunday, February 12th. Of course, it's possible that you are some kind of scofflaw and have already watched all of season two with some illegal Internet trickery. Shame on you, but yes, you can watch this video without fear.)

Zimmer's written breakdown of the featured clips is here. (But he doesn't even take up with the whole [...]


The 15 Most Delightful Internet Films of 2011

Of all the videos uploaded to the Internet this year, here are fifteen that found their way into my feeds and dashboards and inboxes and my bookmarked aggregators of varying stripe, fifteen that inspired me to to copy and paste their URL into a Google Doc labeled “2011 Videos Wonderful,” a title comprised of words I was likely to search for when later I couldn’t find my ongoing list, and fifteen that survived when I took that giant collection and whittled it down to ten, and then added five that were somehow similar to others in the top ten and deserved inclusion because they hinted at some kind of [...]