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The Artisanal Troll

A society should really only be judged on the quality of its trolling. Some trolls are obvious, some are subtle, some are dumb. (Some are all three.) But some trollery approaches pure critique, is made of the finest digital intervention, and only performed for a limited audience. It's artisanal trolling! Hand-roll troll! (Is it really trolling if you're not chasing a huge audience? Hmm!) Here's Greg Allen going in on Twitter with the Cambridge University's Digital Library's… let's say "ironically orientalist" take on a very beautiful 16th century Islamic manuscript version of Zakariya Qazvini's cosmography.

Some trolling is successful even!

@gregorg @vhfscott brilliant! Now I [...]


Album Terrible

The reviews are in for "Britney Jean"!

• "It’s her most disappointing release yet, a snoozefest of shallow mid-tempos and limp club tracks that chase trends rather than invent them."

• "It’s just straightforward pop music, and that’s just fine."

• "Like Wile E. Coyote realizing too late that he's walked off a cliff and is standing on thin air, "Britney Jean," the new studio album from Britney Spears, is marked with so many sleights of hand, dubious lyrics and bombastic but boringly simple melodies that the too-rare levitation of its better moments seems an animation trick."

• "A total letdown," says the AP. The [...]


Brooklyn Night Court

Brooklyn criminal courtroom number 105, at 10:43 p.m., Judge Jackie Williams presiding. The room is high-ceilinged, the light fluorescent, the pews so worn most of the graffiti etched into the wood is illegible. Judge Williams is seated far back in the room, high up and centered and staring into a flat Dell computer monitor. Behind her, sagging, the United States and New York flags and above those, on the wall in gold Helvetica, “In God We Trust.” Below and in front of the judge, behind another monitor, sits the court reporter. In front of the reporter, two attorneys and the defendant stand facing the judge at two faded lecterns, also [...]


The Man That Found A Dog That Loved Pudding

"Late Tuesday night, a man broke into a Wenatchee, Washington home, in search of another man he intended to murder. When the residents came home, they found him standing by their open refrigerator, feeding their pet dog pudding. They informed him that this was not the home of the man’s victim and he should leave before they call the police. He did, but not before calling the dog, who trotted out after him. The man was arrested later that night at his home in Wenatchee. The dog has not been found since."

Crazy story, you may be thinking. And: crazy dude! However. The suspect—one Jason McDaniel—is not as crazy [...]


The Demon-Haunted House Of Thuy Le

The woman who stabbed her two young daughters called 9-1-1 at six a.m. to tell the dispatcher what she had done. The woman, Thuy Le, who was 38 at the time, had also stabbed herself twelve times and slashed her wrists. Le told the emergency operator that she was at her cousin’s house and everybody was alive but that they needed help. When the police arrived at the a boxy gray and white home in Westminster, in Orange County, they found Le’s five-year-old daughter Rhiana unconscious, without any color in her face and Jobeth, 3, lying awake on a blood-soaked mattress. Three household kitchen knives and a pair of [...]


Kanye's Rant, Last Night

Well! People are saying that last night's tiny Kanye West show was amazing, but when you listen to the clips of his ten-minute monologue, those are not really the sounds an audience makes when the preacher is on fire, or when something amazing is happening. (Although everyone does crack up when he thanks "the energy from the models." Because that is hilarious. And there's applause and enjoyment of it—just less and less as it goes on.) But mostly I think this is the sound an audience makes when someone has gone off the rails. (There's whole parts that don't make sense, after all! And anyone who spends ten [...]