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What Made "The O.C." Great, Bitch

"Welcome to the O.C., bitch." —Luke, "The O.C.," Season 1, Episode 1

Sometimes disorder introduces itself into long-standing order. Such is the plot of almost everything compelling: "Downton Abbey," the evolution of the norovirus, "The Nanny," bedbugs, "Jurassic Park," civil rights, the lineup changes of Foreigner, infidelity. So goes, also, the story of Ryan Atwood, who storms Newport's gated communities with little more than a hoodie, a wrist cuff, a pack of Marlboros and his trademark Chino flair in the pilot episode of "The O.C."

This essay is part of a series about our favorite TV shows past.

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"The O.C." Characters, In Order

22. Lindsay

21. Zach

20. Marissa Cooper

19. That guy with the gun who shot someone at that party

18. Carter

17. A palm tree with blonde hair