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New Smell Is The White Noise Of Odors

Today's Odor: Hot mothballs in a manure fire. Gentle kisses of body odor stained carpet.

— Gowanus Canal (@Gowanus_Daily) November 20, 2012

"It is the nasal equivalent of white noise, researchers report today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Just as white noise is a mixture of many different sound frequencies and white light is a mixture of many different wavelengths, olfactory white is a mixture of many different smelly compounds." —Hoping that the Gowanus Canal's "Today's Odor" is the newly discovered "olfactory white" soon.


Mosquitos Show Even Less Regard For Basic Decorum Than We Thought

"Roughly one to two minutes after she starts feeding, an Anopheles stephensi mosquito will excrete urine and preurine through the anus, at the end of the abdomen. Sometimes a drop of the fluid will form and cling to the body before falling off; when this happens, some fluid evaporates like sweat and cools the mosquito’s abdomen by almost four degrees." —Great. As if mosquitos could get any more disgusting and insulting and life-ruining than they already are: While they're drinking our blood, they're also pooping and peeing. I have a suspicion, based on personal experience and a fondness for dumb puns, that this phenomenon is especially prevalent among [...]