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Is New York Losing The Restaurant War To The Bay Area?

Two statements heard on the KQED Forum show's "Restaurant Roundup" segment, just now, that might trigger a response from you, the restaurant diner:

  • "San Francisco starts the restaurant trends, and New York grows them."
  • "New York has twice* the population, but San Francisco has the better restaurants."

* Yes we know that's not at all true; the NYC metropolitan area has 19 million people; the Bay Area has 4.5 million people.

Photo by Orbakhopper.


Notion Of "Haute Stoner Cuisine" Brings Back Unappetizing Memories

"The Rusty Knot is the most stoner of all my places. It's kind of like the basement we all had when we grew up where we first smoked pot." -Manhattan restaurateur Ken Friedman describes his black-light-poster decorated west side spot in a way that does not make me want to eat there. I remember that basement. The pot was kept balled up in an old sock behind a radiator. There was a mother cat with a litter of new kittens in a box in the corner. And the featured entree was cold Beefaroni scooped straight out the can with green plastic army men figures. (Oh, hey: internet research [...]