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Why Do So Many Romcoms Use Songs By The Cure?

Have you ever wondered why The Cure is used to soundtrack so many romantic comedies? Have you ever stopped to think about what that implies, that this British deep-goth turned pop-rock band hits a particular sweet spot, like the meet-cute, for this dying movie genre? A few months ago, I went to go see About Time, a middling romcom by the same writer and director of Love Actually, and when I heard "Friday I’m in Love," something in me snapped.

I couldn’t enjoy the montage. It was Rachel McAdams and a surprisingly alluring ginger man (Domhnall Gleeson) running around, changing from chic outfit to chic outfit, falling [...]


Crystal Castles And Robert Smith, "Not In Love"

Ooh. This is excellent. Earlier this year, Canadian synth band Crystal Castles recorded a new version of a song called "Not In Love," which, if you are old, you might remember was written back 1983 by the Canadian new wave band Platinum Blonde (and different from 10CC's 1975 soft-rock classic of almost the same name.) You might also remember that it sounds a lot like a Cure song—as a lot of new wave songs do, because the Cure's Robert Smith was kind of the best at writing those kind of songs. All cold but also plaintive, emotional but emotionally distant at the same time. Anyway, so now Crystal [...]


Ten Songs For Young, Active Cats To Force Their Extroverted Woman Owners To Sing For Them (On A Rainy Stay-At-Home Friday)

"The researchers determined that cats and their owners strongly influenced each other, such that they were each often controlling the other's behaviors. Extroverted women with young, active cats enjoyed the greatest synchronicity, with cats in these relationships only having to use subtle cues, such as a single upright tail move, to signal desire for friendly contact."