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Forget It, Jake, It's Kristallnacht

"Five days on, the commentariat continues to drop anvils on Tom Perkins, who may have written the most-read letter to the editor in the history of The Wall Street Journal. The irony is that the vituperation is making our friend's point about liberal intolerance—maybe better than he did."

Ha ha, how on earth.


Foxconn Replacing Troublesome Humans With "FoxBot" Robots

The world runs a little bit more smoothly without troublesome humans mucking up the works. Consider the least sexy sex scandal of all time, 60-year-old David Patraeus and his various middle-aged twin Florida gal pals and wives and shirtless old FBI agents trying to figure out this whole "sexting" business. Why not just have drones do the war fightin', right? OH WAIT THIS IS OBAMA'S PLAN.

Meanwhile, in China, there is trouble at the factories that produce our beloved iPhones and iPads and those iDevices currently manufactured in a compromise size between that of the iPhone and the iPad. The workers want the jobs, because of the [...]


The Ultimate Black Friday Gift Guide For The 1%

What do you get the person that doesn't need anything? Something they don't need, of course! Here's our annual holiday round-up of just terrific things for the rich person in your life. Where to even start!

Well what about… baby cashmere… for babies! It seems so obvious. There's so many choices!

The best possible choice in kidwear is this "Porte Enfant Cuddly," made from cashmere from the undercoat of baby goats and lined with rabbit fur. Just $5,125 at Loro Piana.

Or why not get these baby cashmere mittens for newborns? $275 at Loro Piana.

You and three friends could spend the day with Derek [...]


So How's the Art World Doing?

Chaos followed, as guests fought over pieces cut by the bare-chested pallbearers. “I want the breast! Give me the vagina!” they screamed, hardly noticing that Tilda Swinton had arrived for photo ops, looking very much like David Bowie in his Thin White Duke phase. When it was all over, the cut-up cakes resembled mutilated bodies that made for a ghoulish sight.

A man I didn’t know accosted me. “Is it me or was this all about violence against women?” he asked. “It’s you,” I said. “Look at that cake!” he exclaimed. “It’s a horribly mutilated woman with knives in her chest. Doesn’t that bother you?” “It’s a cake,” [...]


Rich People Advised To Plan For Private Jets To Avoid Sequester Delays At Commercial Airports

"Private jet charter companies said they may even get more business if sequestration increases delays on commercial airlines, forcing passengers to charter a jet. 'People who are sitting on the fence about wanting to hire a private jet may spend the extra money so they won't be caught in a situation where they have no idea how long their delays will be,' said Ben Schusterman, founder of Los Angeles-based ElJet." —This sequester trouble may function as a wake-up call for the very wealthy who have thus far delayed the acquisition of fractional private jet ownership or failed to make advance reservations for one-time rentals of private executive aircraft.


Places to Protest And/Or Avoid This Week, Depending on Your Inclination

I mean, I'm all for marching on the Upper East Side, particularly on Jamie Dimon's house, in part because who doesn't love stopping in at the Tom Ford store, but you know if your protest is based in the Financial District, you don't really have to hike that far. (Though some good old ones are up there, sure!) You want plutocrats? Average price per square foot on residential real estate is higher in Soho and TriBeCa than it is on the Upper East Side. At least you could just stop at Gramercy and the Flatiron, where in new developments, the neighborhood is "the only part of [...]