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Block More, Fix the Stupid Internet

According to a nice new tool called Blocktogether, I am blocking 16 people on Twitter. I was worried about what this tool would show me: Would it be 16 reminders of times I was wrong, or acted stupid, or engaged in some sort of petty feud? Would I be ashamed? Here is what it said: @monteiro (Mike Monteiro) @darth (darth™ ) @RyanHoliday (Ryan Holiday) @pmarca (Marc Andreessen) @gabestein (Gabriel Stein) @SteenKJW (Steen) @Max_Fisher (Max Fisher) @BorowitzReport (Andy Borowitz) @tomwolber (Tommy Wolber) @paxdickinson (Pax Dickinson) @WyanRilson (jack danielsaur) @DylanByers (Dylan Byers) @paulcarr (Paul Carr) @NYTFridge (NYTFridge) @ChristineTWang (Christine Tien Wang) @GlennF (Glenn Fleishman)

I don't remember blocking about a [...]