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Teaching To The Brand

"Brands are part of our lives. To say they don't belong in academia is unrealistic." —Brand names belong in standardized tests "because they are part of the world students inhabit."


I kicked ass on verbal, btw.

If you're lucky enough to have a job in the next few years you will probably be working for some punk kid who took the SATs after they totally devalued the system. Here's how to adjust your score so you can prove to that little snot exactly how well you were able to take a test many years ago. After that, you can explain who Kurt Cobain was.


“If a pineapple were funnier, I would have written a pineapple in the first place"

“This was done by somebody who was barely literate." —Daniel Pinkwater, genius towering super-hero of literature, is profoundly pissed at the mangling of his work that then caused the uproar over the absurd and bizarre NYS reading exam test question about the pineapple in the race with the hare.


Are You Smarter Than a Cab Driver?

"You are at the intersection of 155th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan and a passenger wants to go to Jerome Avenue and 163rd Street in the Bronx. Which of the following is the closest bridge connecting Manhattan to the Bronx?" —Are you really qualified to tell your cabbie which way to go?