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Teens Scramble For New Opportunity To Debase Themselves

A most disconcerting scene from a high school in Kansas, where teens are in the grips of a sickness. A teacher's perspective:

I am pretty lenient about phone use in my class because we use phones for various things. There is always the kid that sneaks in a text or two, but as long as it isn't a distraction, I don't worry too much.

Today was the first day in a long time I actually took phones away. I have no idea what all was included in the update, but you would have thought it was crack. They seriously could not keep away from it. I even had [...]


Dear BMX Bike Rider

Dear BMX bike rider,

I'm sorry for shunning you after you got up in front of everyone and cried at the personal growth workshop our parents sent us to in Philadelphia.


Terrible Summer Camp Counselors We've Known (And Been)

The conclusion of a two-week series on the pull of bad influences in our lives and in the culture.

Summer camp: you’re in the middle of nowhere, it’s hot, there are bugs, and you’re being overseen by “adults” who are just five years older than you. There are bound to be mistakes, disasters, and bad decisions being made. At the time we accept these counselors, with their quirks and rules, as givens of the camp experience—sometimes we even looked up to them as role models of young adulthood, only later realizing they had no idea what they were doing either. We asked friends to share some of their stories [...]


Dear Pam And David MacNeill

Dear Pam and David MacNeill,

Sorry for letting your children watch The Amityville Horror.


Understanding What Ladies May Not Wear to Prom


Dear Deb

Dear Deb,

Sorry for making you take all those water-logged maxi pads and tampons off my car.