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The Uber Bomb Detonates in New York

Have you been in a New York cab recently? Sometimes prompted but more often not, drivers will want to talk to you about Uber. If you're in a yellow cab or a livery car, you will hear about Uber the virus, Uber the interloper, Uber the merciless invader; if you're in an Uber cab, or an Uber-adjacent green taxi, you'll hear about Uber the inevitable, Uber the strange, Uber the great (for now). It's been a boom time for untethered drivers—a magical stretch during which they could take advantage of high fares, high demand, and low barriers to entry all at once. It was acknowledged, rarely explicitly, that the arrangement [...]


How Exactly Is Uber "Disrupting" an Industry?

@daveg lesson is diplomacy and patience as it is a big change. Calling them antiquated and stupid cant/won't help the cause

— Om Malik (@om) October 17, 2012

"For the first time in 30 years, New Yorkers could get a cab without going to the street and putting your arm out," startup Uber wrote yesterday, in the course of admitting they are shutting down their NYC pilot program. (Also, this is only true if you mean yellow cabs; in most of the City, people been calling for car services their whole lives.) Don't worry, you can use Uber in "more innovation-friendly cities," they snidely [...]


How Much More Do Taxi Fares Cost Today?

It’s a done deal: taxicabs in New York City will become more expensive, as last Thursday the Taxi and Limousine Commission voted to increase fares by what they calculate as 17%. The changes take effect in September, when we will see if anyone actually notices.

This may be a matter of parochial interest, as, contrary to the beliefs of most New Yorkers, not everyone lives in New York City. And no matter what impression a visit to Times Square will leave you with, some non-New Yorkers don’t even visit NYC. But taxis are about the most New York-y thing of all, immortalized in television and film, [...]


Are You Smarter Than a Cab Driver?

"You are at the intersection of 155th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan and a passenger wants to go to Jerome Avenue and 163rd Street in the Bronx. Which of the following is the closest bridge connecting Manhattan to the Bronx?" —Are you really qualified to tell your cabbie which way to go?


Cabbies, Terminated

The researchers found that Manhattan’s 13,000 taxis made 470,000 trips a day. Their average speed was 10 to 11 m.p.h., carrying an average of 1.4 passengers per trip with an average wait time of five minutes.

In comparison, the report said, it is possible for a futuristic robot fleet of 9,000 shared automated vehicles hailed by smartphone to match that capacity with a wait time of less than one minute. Assuming a 15 percent profit, the current cost of taxi service would be about $4 per trip mile, while in contrast, it was estimated, a Manhattan-based driverless vehicle fleet would cost about 50 cents per mile.

The upside of [...]


“What’s a Girl Doing Here?”

"Loud flashes of yellow are all around you in this city—46,000 taxi sedans, vans and S.U.V.’s streaking across the streets of New York. Yet, only about 170 of them are driven by women, a percentage even lower than the national average. In all my years of hopping into cabs here, and elsewhere, I never met a female driver until I shot this documentary. I needed to find them."


Your Taxi Is Nasty

Guess what's in the back seat of that cab you took? [SPOILER: vaginal or anal yeast. Also, doody.]


Transcript To Jude Law's Very Short Taxi TV Anecdote About How He Learned He Had Landed A Role In Some Shakespeare Production

"I was… crashing… at… a… friend's flat… which… is to… say, uh… He… this… friend… put… down… a… he… went… to… procure… a… flat… or… as… you… say… here… apartment… and… there… was… a… lease… and… he… obtained… it… and… had… a… friend… who… knew… that… I… had… traveled… by… aeroplane… to… uh… New… Amsterdam… or… New… York?…


A Government Official at the Tap of a Button

Testimony from Ashwini Chhabra, Deputy Commissioner of Policy & Planning at NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission, in 2012, on the question of hailing taxicabs with apps like Uber:

“It is not the rightful function of government to protect one segment of an industry from competition from another segment. So long as passengers win and the industry over all wins, our goal to be to encourage innovation and forward movement.”

So it will not surprise you to learn that he is becoming Uber's first head of policy development and community engagement. I'm sure someone told him, in a sing-songy voice "Why reg-u-late when you can inn-o-vate? Also here is [...]


Your Cab Fare Just Went Up

Summer really is over: "As of 12:01 a.m. this morning, New Yorkers have begun paying 17 percent more for taxi rides." Here's some historical perspective.


17 Better Names for the Color of the New NYC Taxi Cabs than "Apple Green"

1. Guss' Pickles green

2. Coney Island Mermaid Festival green

3. Joe Namath green

4. Mark Green green

5. Bowling Green green

6. Goldman Sachs bonus green

7. Sally Jessy Raphael Show green room green

8. Escaped Bronx Zoo pit viper green

9. Hydroponic delivery service jewel box green