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Why Aren't You Using These Hot New Apps To Keep Track Of Your Impending Death?

Everybody loves apps, experts say—you can tell because there is an app for everything, including the monitoring of your personal health. The problem is that once you're thinking about monitoring your personal health, you're well on the way to the grave. This depressing fact may be the reason why few Americans use such phone and tablet programs to keep track of what's all too evident from the creaking, coughing, groaning and "weird discharge" most people notice just fine without the danged smart phone beeping and whirring, from wherever it's hiding.

Nearly seven in 10 U.S. adults say they are tracking weight, diet, exercise routines or some medical [...]


The Jewish Contribution To Country-Western Couture

"Parsons’ impetus for working with Cohn was to celebrate everything he loved about both old-time singing cowboys and California culture, a look he dubbed 'Cosmic Americana.' Hundley calls the look 'an embrace of classic with a psychedelic edge,' which became part of the Gram Parsons legend. 'Nudie,' she said, 'was the embodiment of that presentation.'” —Tablet's Jason Diamond writes about the late Country-Western designer Nudie Cohn—who was named Nuta Kotlyarenko when he was born in 1902 in Kiev.