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Meet Susan Orlean's Best Friend (It's Her Phone)

A work in progress.

— Susan Orlean (@susanorlean) December 6, 2013

"I spend a lot of time on Twitter," Susan Orlean wrote today in the New Yorker, in her story on Horse_ebooks. But how? Recently, I asked her quite a bit about her relationship with her phone.

Has there been some kind of astonishing addition to your home screen recently? Oh, I wish. Nothing astonishing.

I saw you recently took Settings off your homepage and replaced it with Messages. Well, with the new software, you can flip up from the bottom for the most typical settings stuff. It’s almost like, you know, with [...]


20 Years Ago in Magazines: Billy Idol, Susan Orlean, David Dinkins

Twenty years ago in the magazines, what was happening? Well, a young rock star named Billy Idol had just had a serious accident and was getting hit on by women like crazy!


Susan Orlean Hits Dan Baum

Susan Orlean, whose Twitter is pretty wonderful, is Twittering about Dan Baum now. (He is the fired New Yorker writer who just Twittered his firing story.) Says she: "Dissing your boss? Whining abt story credits? Writing stories that aren't good enough to run? Seeming to dislike the mag itself? Hmmm."