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Random Acts of Preservation

The big ugly Kentile sign, emblem of a lost industrial Brooklyn and Instagram subject for commuters coming to and from their much more beautiful neighborhoods, is done: The scaffolding has gone up, the letters are coming down.

Who is nostalgic for Kentile, the company that manufactured asbestos-laden flooring and collapsed under the weight of lawsuits two decades ago? Nobody: This is about the object. The sign's appeal was that it was very large and conspicuously old, and it had decayed, naturally, just so, in a location where such a thing would never be built today. It is the most general possible signifier of change and history, and one more [...]


How Long Before All Of New York City Is Declared A Superfund Site?

The most radioactive place in the entire city has just been declared an EPA Superfund site, joining two other recently honored features: The Gowanus Canal and Newtown Creek. The first of NYC's toxic trio was designated worthy of federal intervention in early 2010. That's three new sites since early 2010. NYC is on a roll! But where will this roll take us? Data can provide answers.

Two of these Superfund sites are large waterways; one is basically a city block. This, along with the fact that 2+1=3, means that our data is useless. Anyway: Based on rough Google Maps measurements these sites average out to approximately 70.6 [...]