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It Took 12 Years to Make This 164 Minute Movie

So there's a movie that's like having a child and watching it grow up, but without actually having to have the child, and the watching it grow up part takes less than three hours? Sounds pretty perfect to me.


The Rich Rehab Differently, Like by Hugging Horses

Celebrities flock to Sundance, Utah, of course, to flaunt their Q ratings and take the measure of the great entertainment imperium in the heady mountain air. But the rich and famous are also notoriously inclined to get a little too heady when left to their own devices-and Sundance also has the perfect setup for that dilemma, reports Fortune writer Claudia Wallis: the Cirque Lodge, "the rehab center du jour for those who can afford to go anywhere"-where rates top out at $1,595 a day for a minimum 30-day stay.


Courtney Love, "99 Problems"

Would you like to watch Courtney Love playing an acoustic-guitar cover of Jay-Z's "99 Problems" at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah this past weekend? She doesn't do my favorite part, the third verse, when Jay-Z outsmarts the cop who pulls him over. But this is better than you might have imagined it would be.


The Best And Worst Of What I Saw At Sundance

This year I went to Sundance, saw 24 films in six days, and whew! somehow lived to tell the tale. I tried my hardest to see everything that sounded intriguing but, with more than a hundred films screening, it was inevitable that I would miss out on some good ones. I’m still upset that I got shut out of Bachelorette, for example.

But I did get to see some fantastic films, which was a nice consolation for my complete failure on the celeb-sighting-at-Sundance front. What I would have given to spot Robert DeNiro in the wintry climes of Park City! Instead, I got cut in line at a nightclub [...]