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What to Say to a Man in a Short-Suit

♫ Shorts, shorts, shorts, short shorts ♫: At this summer’s weddings and white parties, the nattiest gentlemen will be wearing shorts with a corresponding suit coat. At least, that’s what J.Crew would have you believe, along with a few other menswear companies that are giving the look a hard sell this season…

From all perspectives, the short-suit is an odd pairing. Sartorially, the look is equal parts business and schoolboy. Functionally, it’s both breezy and stifling, and socks are a no-no, unless they go up to one’s knees. The list of people who can pull it off doesn’t stretch much beyond professionals in Bermuda and street-style icons such as [...]


Five Advisory Opinions for Men in Summer, from Head to Toe

Hi. Guess what I'm wearing right now? That's right. Shorts. It's hot out! And it's after Memorial Day. Everything changes now!

And so, five quick guidelines for summer dressing—from head to toe. All over your body, as the poet sang.