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The Male Topknot Takes New York

Back in early 2012, the Times Style section tried to convince us of the coming of the "man bun" to Brooklyn. It was too early and it was really a stretch: For famous cases, they had to rely on tennis players "Alexandr Dolgopolov and Xavier Malisse." (And Malisse was more prone to wear an actual ponytail.) The man bun, they helpfully defined, is "similar in form to the topknot worn by many women… but it is often worn slightly lower on the head."

The Daily News gave it a whirl last November, noting that Jake Gyllenhaal was top-knotting at SoulCycle; the Guardian pointed out that the [...]


Lice! In Bel Air!

Demonstrating that there is, in fact, nothing too small to serve as fodder for monied obsession, New York Times Sunday Styles correspondent David Hochman conducts readers behind the front lines in the upscale war on lice.

The hair-nesting pests typically send upper-class parents-already notorious for the suffocating anxiety they incur at the first sign of any faint tilt toward normal (let alone irregular) symptoms and behaviors in their otherwise radiant spawn-into over-corrective frenzies. Hochman sits in on a home-delousing session at the house of an Angeleno mom who is "clearly mortified" at the discovery that her three kids re harboring the little mites-"which probably explained why she insisted [...]


Newspaper: Manhattanites Refrained from Cannibalism with Large Doses of Food

"A tightening of the waistband hardly counts as a crisis in a region where so many have endured actual devastation…. Still, the extra pounds provided evidence of a disaster-psychology mind-set that took hold during Sandy: in times of crisis, New Yorkers discovered, food fills an emotional need, not just a physical one." —Next time, there will be people eating people. Seems reasonable.


Literary Gays Vaguely Randy

It seems worth mentioning that, as loaded as this charming Times style report on Alex Dimitrov's gay poetry salon is with the air of "hot dudes getting together and getting it on!" (for example: "The play between art and desire is always in the air" sounds spicy but is immediately followed by something about how the salon went to Brooklyn in summer?) and as… wanton as host Dimitrov himself comes off (like: “I sort of had a list of gays that I wanted to come, and some of them that I wanted to sleep with"), there's not a single incident in the story of anyone hooking up. Actually, [...]