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Rich People Looking At Art

While the herds fight over art and VIP access down at Art Basel Miami Beach, a reminder that some things never change.

This was it, the start of the Biennale proper: the onset of party-anxiety and invite-envy, the fear that there were better parties you’d not been invited to, a higher tier of pleasure that was forbidden to you…You could be at a tremendous party, full of fun people, surrounded by beautiful women, booze flowing, totally happy– but part of you would be in a state of torment because there was another party to which you’d not been invited. There was nothing to do about it.


The "Cool Kids" Throw a Gross "Tech Homecoming" Party for Straight People

Tech Homecoming is happening next month! That's right, it's just like homecoming in high school, with football, a dance and a homecoming court: "The 2012 Homecoming court brings together 8 guys and 8 girls as representatives of the New York Tech & Media community. Homecoming court is selected by a panel of over 30 judges based on impact to the community, networks, and general likeability. One guy and one girl will be voted king and queen at the homecoming dance." They will vote on people! Like who is the "best dressed" and who is the "most eligible"!

Straight people: what is wrong with them? (Also, hey, look at [...]


A New Website That Will Help Advance Society

An important new website has just made its debut. We here all agree that websites should serve a social or socializing purpose, as web-browsing habits are highly mammalian, for obvious reasons, particularly involving as they do the neocortex, which you are mostly likely using right now, unless you are Levi Johnston.