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The Capacity Of Baseball Stadiums In Real Numbers

Left: Dodger Stadium. Right: Michael Jordan's house.

Dodger Stadium 56000 Los Angeles Dodgers Square footage of Michael Jordan's house

Coors Field 50480 Colorado Rockies Prison inmates in the state of Ohio

Yankee Stadium 50291 New York Yankees Population of Welland, Ontario, according to this sign


Understanding the Barclays Craziness

LIBOR what? Barclays who? Do you have no idea what's going on? This helps. Do you want someone to explain what he did in falsely representing the bank? Here you go. Do you wish that a subway stop and a stadium in Brooklyn weren't named for the bank? Do you find it hilarious that the fines the bank paid for LIBOR manipulation are greater than the amount they promised to the Barclays Center? Oh well, nothing you can do, just be grateful it's not called Enron Field.


Phone Home, Astrodome: Inside America's Brave And Crumbling Stadiums

Sheer size is generally a strong guarantee of commercial longevity in American society. Consider Sport Utility Vehicles throughout almost every variation in gas prices. Consider the Big Gulp. But when it comes to some of our largest feats of construction—sporting facilities—immense size won’t usually even guarantee a lifespan as long as the most immemorable ranch home. How old is your house or residence? And how many people live there? The Houston Astrodome has a capacity of 67,925,and is 49 years old. It may not last to see 50.

Tastes are fickle, extortionate team demands are common, and the drive for novelty is endless, but the sheer inability of the greatest [...]


Entertaining Away Crime: Does It Work?

"We've got a casino, a prison and now a stadium… But we don't have a recreation center or even a McDonald's in this city." — Chester, Pa., resident Tajh Eshaad, on real estate trends in his hometown, which recently experienced four murders in an eight-day span — including one in which two-year-old was killed by gunfire — and was placed under a 9 p.m. curfew as part of a citywide state of emergency. The aforementioned stadium, which will serve as the home of Major League Soccer's Philadelphia Union, opened yesterday; the game, during which the Union beat the Seattle Sounders 3-1, kicked off at 5 p.m.


NFL Attendance, Explained

Left: Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo, age 17. Right: Irish Sweeper in Fall River Iron Works, age 17, circa 1900.

Dallas Cowboys Arlington, TX Attendance: 87047 Emigrants from Ireland in one year after the most recent recession

Washington Redskins Landover, MD Attendance: 83172 Number of people employed by the coal mining industry in the United States

New York Giants East Rutherford, NJ Attendance: 79019 Number of Americans the government was unable to recover and identify immediately after WWII

New York Jets East Rutherford, NJ Attendance: 78596 Number of people who applied for a one-way trip to Mars [...]