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A Mayor, Unworthy

Bill de Blasio, weakling: New friends will learn a secret that old friends like Mr. Hernandez have long known: The most powerful elected official in New York City wouldn’t wow anyone with his feats of strength. He bikes at a middling speed, does not overdo it on the weight machines and barely seems to break a sweat, judging from a couple of recent routines. But he says showing up at the gym is an antidote for the exhaustion that comes with his job.

Perhaps the the mayor, if he wants to garner the respect of his constituents, should consider the finer points of super squatting.


The End of the 00s: The Decade in Super Squats, by Hamilton Nolan

Has this been the decade of Super Squats? Well, let's look at the evidence.

Speaking from a historical and calendrical perspective, one must admit that Super Squats were not invented in this past decade. Hardly! Variations on the secret Super Squat routine have been around since old Coney Island strongmen were squatting with tires on truck axles. Or that could have been old time hillbilly strongmen from down South. The point is that the basic idea of Super Squats has been around quite a few decades now. But, like many things that are "old," they had fallen out of fashion unnecessarily.