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What Are Those Crazy Sounds In The New Classical Music? And How Does One Write Them Down?

My friend Christopher Trapani is a composer of classical music. Apparently he is quite a good one, having won the Julius F. Ježek and Gaudeamus Prizes, among others. Also, one of his pieces was performed at Carnegie Hall, which I've heard of.

Before I met Chris I assumed that new classical music mostly involved people trying to find new discordant ways to extract terrible sounds from instruments that were designed to produce pleasant ones. It turns out that's exactly what it is, but with program notes like this: "Florence in 1899, or the unexplored ends of the earth. An exotic wash of sonorities, mystical metallic shades—almglocken, steel drum, [...]


Last Bit Of Nostalgia Used Up In Audio Gallery

"From the eeekk, bleep, hiss of your old fax modem to the click, shooosh of a polaroid camera, here are some old tech sounds that are bound to make you feel nostalgic."


The Worst Sounds In The World

15. Death by electrocution, government sanctioned or otherwise.

14. Human or animal run over, hit, or maimed by a car.

13. Civil War surgeon amputating limbs.

12. Guillotine in use; subsequent lopping and dropping.


Put On Headphones If You Work Around Any Elk

If a man elk lets loose an "I'm having sex with these lady elk" noise in a national park during a government shutdown does it still make a sound? It's a trick question, so think before you answer.


Big Bang Remix Drops

"A scientist has 'remixed' his version of the sound of the big bang in light of detailed new data gathered by a multi-million pound space probe. Information beamed back from the European Space Agency's £515m Planck space telescope has already seen physicists revise their estimates of the age of the universe. Now one professor has used the Planck data to create an updated, 'high fidelity' rendition of the sound of the early development of the universe more than 13 billion years ago."


The Top 5 iOS7 Ringtones

5. Constellation

It is twilight. You are living inside of a prism beam. You are slowly falling through a prism beam without worry and with a satiated stomach. All of your childhood pets are running toward you in slow motion and they are hungry for your love. Your favorite blanket is playing your favorite instrument on a bed of newly fallen autumn leaves. Insects do not exist and yet, the ecosystem remains beautifully balanced. Your boss who respects you very much enters your line of vision and unrolls a long scroll. She reads from the scroll. She reads all of your favorite words, slowly, then disintegrates and is [...]


The New Imperial Teen Record

Imperial Teen – Runaway by MergeRecords

The adorable and fun-loving Imperial Teen (who I always think of as the original New Pornographers; their excellent first album, 1996's "Seasick," did predate the Pornographers by three years, but that's irrelevant, they don't have that much in common, besides being awesome and having a love of jaunty pop) have a new album out today! You can stream the whole album right here. Or even purchase it!