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@[redacted]: #StandUpFor soft drinks, duh

@[redacted]: #StandUpFor real cold soft drinks, realllllll cold

@[redacted]: I’ve, uh, I’ve been alerted that maybe last couple tweets were out of line. Will conduct a full investigation now

@[redacted]: oh my god

@[redacted]: oh my god, I’m so sorry

@[redacted]: I’m so sorry

@[redacted]: I did not look into that hashtag before I participated in it. I am looking now. there is no room for soft drinks

@[redacted]: I was just trying to spread happiness. I apologize to everyone, everywhere. for once, soft drinks aren’t needed

@[redacted]: @[redacted1] I’m so sorry you were offended. I didn’t mean it. I really do stand [...]


Profession Advanced

"Ryan Chamberlain, the social media manager who was wanted after explosive materials were found in his San Francisco apartment, has been captured after a three-day manhunt."


Report: Some Schmuck With A Twitter Account Is Today's Don Draper

"Social media managers are the new Mad Men, making creative content to convince their audiences to spend, spend, spend."