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Perfect Tarte Tatin in 10 Easy Steps

The mornings have turned chilly quite suddenly and so it is apple season! And so it is also tarte tatin season. Let's talk about this.

It is the easiest of all desserts, and yet the instructions for tarte tatin are always intimidating. Witness the struggles of our pal Deb over at the wonderful Smitten Kitchen. Back in 2008, she endorsed a friend's recipe, which is very good, because she'd ruined too many herself. Finally, last spring, Deb engineered a recipe of her own, based off Julia Child's. I disagree with both of them, somewhat! Maybe even with Julia Child! (Waits for lightning bolt to strike me down.) Where [...]


Do We Know What Grapes Taste Like Any More?

"One of my greatest pet peeves (and a conversation I encourage you to never start with me, because I just go on and on about how much it 'annoys' me until you roll your eyes, or at least that's what my husband does) is what companies get away with printing on product labels. 'A good source of calcium!' 'Boosts childrens immunity!' 'Fat free!" (Dude, it's ketchup.) And especially: 100% juice! (Welch's). Because I had eaten grapes (tons, actually, in the 9 months before this sock monkey thief came along) and they didn't taste anything like that ridiculouslessness in the bottle. How do they get away with making such false [...]