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The Sublime Beauty and Terror of Public Domain Flickr

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, writer and editor Josh Fruhlinger tells us more about the ridiculous things one sees while searching through Flickr.

cool perk of doing tech slideshows: judging whose fingernails are least gross in creative-commons licensed pics of various gadgets on flckr

— Josh Fruhlinger (@jfruh) April 21, 2014

Josh! So what happened here?

For one of my freelance gigs, I write a couple slideshows a month on tech topics for ITworld. This may sound like dull content creation drudgery, but I get to do them on [...]


Monkey Buffet Festival Slideshow!

Monkey buffet festival slideshow!


Intention of Slideshows, Charticles Defeated by Zealous Tagging!

I wanted to know, for reasons that escaped me mere moments later, what Details might possibly have chosen for their list of "The 25 Greatest Gen X Books of All Time." (I think it was because the "of all time" part amused me.) Unfortunately for all of us, when I clicked through from a friend's Twitter, I found their list was horrifically organized as one-book-per-page slideshow. (The "show" of those slides consisted, of course, of pictures of the book covers.) Fortunately, their SEO desires undid them, to my benefit.


Here Is A Gallery Of Things That Might Cause The Next Pandemic!

"Over the past two decades, bats have turned out to play host to all kinds of nasty viruses. Some of these can infect people; many, including Ebola and MERS, can be deadly. Most human outbreaks have been small, but the big fear is that a bat virus will mutate in a way that allows it to spread readily between people. This is what happened with SARS, which infected 8000 in almost 40 countries before being contained." —That's the lead-in to a slideshow entitled "Beware bats: Six species to avoid like the plague," which is pictures of bats. I am hard-pressed to recall something that seems like a more [...]


Generic Cats Traffic Slideshow [PHOTOS] [CATS]

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The Gay Divorce Has Traditionally Been the Disposal of Property

To be fair, I was hard on the life of the sexless straight man this morning, so let us also consider the horrible, sad breakups of the gays, regarding which you should really watch this slideshow about the semi-dissolution of property just as a gay marriage is aborted. The wedding became an awkward party! And their breakup is very diffuse! One gay was mad at the other gay about his blog? And they were both being "mean" to each other? I don't know….


The English Language's 26 Most Important Letters

The English alphabet has ever been the center of the American literary universe — the letters of Whitman, of Edith Wharton, of every poorly-spelled happy hour chalkboard in Greenwich Village — and though the legendary set of graphemes has lost a little edge and a lot of grime what with all the crazy texting the kids do today, it is still creative fodder for countless contemporary writers, even the ones who have figured out that if you do graphic novels you have to write like 75% less.

As you may have heard, one of the alphabet's most legendary letters, Q, recently announced that since he was only appreciated in Scrabble [...]


The End of the 00s: A Guide to the Unmonuments of New York, by Joy Garnett

Joy Garnett runs Newsgrist.