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Silicon Valley Creeps East: The Jack Hidary For Mayor Crowd

So proud to be endorsed by @indietheaternyc (The League of Independent Theater). You can read the endorsement here:

— Jack Hidary (@jackhidary) September 25, 2013

We've been trying to ignore the fact that there is apparently another candidate for mayor, after de Blasio and that guy from the MTA, which is hilarious, since everyone at the MTA won't even be voting for him because they hate him so much. It's serial entrepreneur Jack Hidary! But he will not quite be ignored. I keep trying. This story, from a month ago, had him exclaiming "When I'm mayor, everyone gets a pair of Google Glasses!" Which… [...]


Disaster on Sand Hill Road: AngelGate Gathering Steam

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currently having a super secret meeting with myselfWed Sep 22 20:18:35 via TweetDeckBrad Feldbfeld

Early this week, TechCrunch's Michael Arrington posted about a secret meeting at San Francisco restaurant Bin 38 attended by "ten or so of the highest profile angel investors in Silicon Valley." This precipitated what has become known as AngelGate. Arrington claimed that these angel investors have been colluding in secret to ensure that deal valuations are kept low. Also discussed were how to arrest the growing power of Y Combinator, how to keep [...]


What Exactly Does New York City Offer Tech Startups Besides High Taxes?

To be fair, there are a thousand reasons to be based in New York City: it's great, the talent is great, it's magical, all that jazz. Don't like living or working anywhere else. Plus, there's a Starbucks everywhere for when you have a cruddy office with no conference room. That is A+. Oh but wait, why would you support a non-NYC startup with coffee money? Take that meeting to, say, Gregory's Coffee. But what has the City done for you lately, besides offering terrific mass transit service and a lack of affordable rent? Mayor Bloombucks has gone on the charm offensive once more about tech startups: "New York Mayor [...]


Inside Gawker Media's First Company-Wide Meeting

Last night, Gawker Media held its first real company-wide meeting at the Crosby Hotel screening room, down in the hotel's swank basement. Honcho Nick Denton gave a speech from the stage—just like a real grown-up company, and also totally not.

"His pep talk amounted to showing a chart of upward linear growth and telling us it wasn't good enough," said one employee. "But what do you expect from Nick—is he going to go around and rub everybody's shoulders?"

No. He is not. Denton should feel good that he came off as a real hardass. Everyone knows where they stand now: grow (more!) or get out. And another principle he [...]