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Intrepreneurial Disrupters Zig Towards Taco Innovation

"Designed by an 'intrepreneurial' team of young Taco Bell executives in a 'secret war room' at the chain’s Irvine, Calif.-based headquarters, the new [fast-casual taco] concept is nothing like the mothership brand — except that tacos are on the menu…. The project has been led by Jeff Jenkins, Taco Bell senior brand manager and 'resident disrupter,' who is also leading the company’s mobile ordering initiative…. Deciding to 'zig while everyone else zagged,' the team decided to take 'the best of American cuisine and put it into a taco,' he said." —The only missing elements [...]


'New York Post' Readers Express Sympathy for Cab-Booted Gays: "Walk Next Time, Future AIDS Victims"

Two dudes were kicked out of a cab by Stuy Town for hugging. (Who hugs in a cab? Whatever!) The New York Post is on the story, thank God, because their commenters have quite a bit to add. Other notable comments, besides those above: "The solution for gays is to simply avoid getting into cabs driven by Muslims, something I do anyway because I don't want a percentage of my fare going to Al Qaeda." And! "Ride the gay taxi next time if you're not happy. A bunch of AIDs breeders."