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The Sound Of 'Requiem For A Dream'

It’s been 12 years since Harry Goldfarb, Marion Silver, and Tyrone Love burst on screen in pursuit of a pound of pure and no hassles. Since then, Requiem for a Dream has achieved that rare distinction of being a low-budget, high-impact movie, the quintessential cult hit. It solidified director Darren Aronofsky’s wunderkind reputation, one later buttressed by the critical successes of The Wrestler and Black Swan. It redefined what a “drug movie” could be, illustrating brutal addiction despite the word “heroin” never being uttered in its 101-minute running time. It subverted film grammar, challenged the mechanics of narrative, and influenced filmmakers wide and legion.

All this has been observed and [...]


23 Terrific Movie Studio Bumpers

It began in France. In 1895, the Gaumont Film Company (the oldest continuously operated film studio in the world) debuted their “Marguerite” logo, the iconic daisy named after founder Léon Gaumont’s mother. The daisy’s design has evolved since then, and so has the art of “bumpers”—those petite vignettes that announce a production studio’s involvement in a project. Universal and Paramount, the respective second and third-oldest studios in the world, swiftly followed Gaumont’s lead; the latter’s “Majestic Mountain” logo is Hollywood’s oldest surviving bumper, the byproduct of Paramount founder W.W. Hodkinson’s doodle of the Ben Lomond Mountain near his childhood Utah home.

Rarely are they consciously paid attention to, [...]