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This Week in Lines

6:53 PM Tuesday, August 5th — Free Haim/Sleigh Bells concert sponsored by Levi's

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park Length: Three quarters of a mile Weather: 72, mostly sunny Crowd: Two thousand people in various states of wear and tear; two thousand pairs of Levi's in various states of wear and tear. Mood: Youth-y, palpably. Wait Time: Roughly one hour Lingering Question: How much do jeans fade while standing in a line? How often had they been washed?


New Order v. Shakespeare In The Park

"First In Line" goes deep with people who are first in line. In this issue: Shakespeare in the Park and New Order in Williamsburg Park.

Aaron and Chris, New Order

The Awl: Tell me about your relationship with New Order's music. How far back does it go? Do you listen to them every day, still?

Aaron: I got into them my junior year of high school, and I remember at the time I was just going through like, typical high school drama and I'd have like, a new girlfriend every month or so, and I remember their first album I bought was "Power, Corruption and Lies," and it was [...]