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You Should Eat Shad This Week

Have you had shad for dinner in the past week? If not, you should do so tonight or tomorrow night. It is one of the most delicious fish in the universe, and incredibly easy to cook, and due to the same mild winter than has local flowers and, apparently, Republican primary voters, so confused, the American shad spawning season, which usually heralds spring in March or April, has arrived early this year.


Spike Jonze And The Pharcyde on the Making of 1995's "Drop"

This is very cool! A short documentary clip (put up on Youtube by someone named Unahmean) about the making of "Drop," the famous 1995 video Spike Jonze directed for the Los Angeles rap group The Pharcyde. He filmed the guys walking and rapping backwards—they hired a linguist to help them memorize all the Satanic-sounding gibberish—and then reversed the tape for the final product.

Here's the "Drop" video.


The Strange Case of Shad, the Positive Political Canadian Rapper

If rapping is for bad boys, Shad has little business being in the field. The Kenyan-born, Canada-raised hip-hop artist with a positive attitude has been nominated for multiple prestigious awards, and was even deemed the #1 rapper in Canada by the still rather-conservative National Post—and that wasn't in, like, 2008 or anything, but just last week. On Shad's third album, "TSOL," released this spring, his lyrics address everything from how the same thing that floats your boat can also capsize it, to the time his sister taught him how to parallel park, to why rapping about rapping isn't that interesting. Shad is performing tonight at the Highline [...]