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Don't Watch Any Movies Ever Until They Make This One

Ted Chiang's The Story Of Your Life is being made by the hot guy who made Prisoners, which was also amazing, instead of Nic Mathieu, as was reported a few months ago. Have you not read? Oh you must, here, it is inexpensive. Please let me live long enough to see this movie, that's all I ask.


Why Are We So Terrible At Contacting Aliens?

In Stanislaw Lem's 1968 novel His Master's Voice, a message bubbles up from an underground fringe community that comes to be regarded as a message from an alien civilization.

A group of scientists are secretly assembled by the United States government to crack the message. For the most part, they fail. They run through some math, come up with a genome, use it to pop out a useless goop that can sort of kind of teleport things with absolutely no precision, and continue to search for meaning in the message. They fail.

The book served as a sort of treatise on the problem of communication with an extraterrestrial society. Such [...]


Will TV's Best Actress Get The Big Fancy Award For Best TV Actressing?

As "Doctor Who" went into the crapper this season (barely redeemed by a pretty good season finale) and "Game of Thrones" marched boldly on into mayhem and… wow, that was terrible: so where was the nerd's heart to turn this spring?

For a rather tiny number of us, our lonely geek minds took to "Orphan Black," a BBC America show that had its first season finale this weekend. How tiny a number? Well, episode eight of the ten-episode season had 170,000 viewers in the 18-49 demo. (The population of Jackson, Mississippi or Fort Lauderdale, Florida!)

Our tiny loyal contingent is enough to bring the show back for [...]