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Local Man Cannot Operate Beard Trimmer

Website proprietor Andrew Sullivan continues to have trouble with New York's service industries. He trusted Yelp with barber shop recommendations, and then the barber (allegedly) broke his iPad and trimmed his beard incorrectly!

My starter was a Yelp-recommended, first come, first served joint. I put my name down and was told to come back in 30 minutes. Ok. Back 25 minutes later, I was told it could be done in ten minutes. A further half hour of Angry birds later, I asked when I could get my beard trimmed. 20 minutes. Half an hour later, when they started hedging again when I asked, I left. New York City: wait [...]


Two Weeks Out: Motorhead, 'Obsessed', TIFF

It's almost over! This awful summer of death and disaster will soon give way to a glorious season of overall pleasantness: we're of course talking about fall TV programing and prestige movie releases! By the autumnal equinox, our stiff souls will be kindled by the warm glow of really neat stuff on the screen. It's like springtime for the indoor set. So come, little seedlings, let the winds of quality carry us through what's two weeks out.