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Journalists Cowed

This thing will probably show up on your Facebook at some point today, most likely under one of those two-sentence headlines that everyone sneered at last year and then started using exclusively in let's say… January? Like this one from the Washington Post: "Just 7 percent of journalists are Republicans. That’s far fewer than even a decade ago."

There are other headlines that would also be accurate. "Just 28 percent of journalists identify as Democrats. That’s fewer than even a decade ago." Or: "Haha, so the whole libertarian journo-man thing is a 90s thing?" Or: "Finally, a majority of journalists have realized that identifying with a political party [...]


Talking Mongoose Refused To Live As A Prisoner To Your Hidebound Taxonomy

"Gef—who spelled his name phonetically, 'because he didn't know how to spell,' Mr. Josiffe says—self-identified as a mongoose, but Mr. Josiffe has plenty of doubts. 'The whole thing about a talking mongoose is a red herring,' he says. Given the Irvings' descriptions, he says Gef was smaller than a mongoose, perhaps a weasel or a squirrel."