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First They Came For The Art Collectors

"I go to auctions now and feel like a witness—I watch, shake my head, and go home." —"Hedge-fund managers, who play a vital but disruptive role in the broader financial markets, are increasingly throwing their weight around the art market: They are paying record sums to drive up values for their favorite artists, dumping artists who don't pay off and offsetting their heavy wagers on untested contemporary art by buying the reliable antiquity or two. Aggressive, efficient and armed with up-to-the-minute market intelligence supplied by well-paid art advisers, these collectors are s[...]


World's Meanest Thieves Strike Charity That Feeds Homeless Pets, Twice

Look what these nice people are doing in this video: They're rescuing caged cats left outside at a foreclosed property in the desert north of Los Angeles.

Scumbag thieves in the economically ruined expanse of the Mojave Desert busted into this non-profit's storage building twice over the weekend, stealing more than $10,000 worth of donated food and supplies intended for homeless pets and people. The criminals stole food, veterinary supplies and donated clothes, apparently loading the goods onto a backhoe tractor—but the tractor had flat tires, so much of the loot was dumped on a neighboring property.


Can't We All Get Along With Lanny Davis' Clients?

Lanny Davis, who once predicted that Barack Obama would lose 49 states, is taking time out from his busy schedule supporting oligarchic coups and ghostwriting op-eds against health care reform to once again call for civility from Americans on both side-because the left and right are equally uncvil. EQUALLY.-when discussing the issues. Fair enough. How can I say this in a civil, complimentary fashion? Lanny, you are pretty much unrivaled at doing what you do! That's why they pay you the big bucks. Your talent and access and willingness to say whatever you're being paid to say put you at the top of your game. [...]