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Voicemails From The Terrifying Future

In 2022, fires will destroy over 2,025 acres of Texas. In 2048, the Glacier Land Resort will open for people looking to see what life was like before the glaciers melted. In 2049, the Smithsonian—no longer open to the public—will feature a preserved hummingbird in their archives, the last proof of their species ever existing.

These are all possible futures as created by the users of FutureCoast, an interactive alternate reality game that began in February and concludes its run in May. Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, the overarching story of the game is simple: Mysterious objects known as “chronofacts" have begun appearing throughout [...]


A Few Tiny Notes on the Sarah Palin 'Vanity Fair' Profile

We read it, and it was worth reading. It did not make me feel good about the future. It will make you feel concerned too.

• "Todd Palin received as much as $20,000 worth of clothing-a wardrobe that would last most men for many years, if not for life." This is probably true and also is hilarious that it appears in Vanity Fair. Because, hey, that's how much the outfits cost, in the pictures?


The Internet Terror Phone

Walk down Broadway, past Canal, past banks and furniture stores, Mr. Fashion and sneaker shops and condos, old then new, brick then steel, until the buildings grow taller and begin to take up entire blocks. Turn right at the unopened Pret, across from the McDonald’s, down Thomas Street, a one-way single-lane. Look up. You can’t miss it: A monolith, brutalist, granite armored, its skeleton colossal slats of moulded concrete. It is said to feature the largest blank facade in the world. The building’s six turrets contain air ducts, a whole mess of ventilation for whatever is inside. Whatever is inside—that’s the question.

There are no windows, there are barely [...]


Silly Locals Think Alien Spacecraft Is Terrifying Secret Government Project

These ridiculous amateur astronomers don't recognize extraterrestrial craft, and mistake them for horrifying NATO drone-mother crafts who give birth to thousands of drone babies.