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"Daily Show" Writer Jason Ross On Writing For Free and Breaking Into Comedy

Since 2002, Jason Ross (@jasonjross on Twitter) has been a writer for "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," where his team has won a half-dozen Emmy Awards for outstanding writing and produced the best-selling America: The Book and Earth: The Book.

Jason Ross: Here I am.

Ken Layne: Hello, sir! I'm in the middle of the greatest consumer survey in human history.

Jason: That is a fairly low bar to clear.

Ken: Disneyland is building Star Wars Land. This will make Disneyland much more tolerable for me:

Which of the following Star Wars locations would you be especially interested in visiting at the Disneyland Resort? [...]


Jesse James Hollywood On Trial: Part Two

Jesse James Hollywood is on trial in Santa Barbara for the murder of Nicholas Markowitz in 2000. Part One of our coverage was published here on May 27.

SANTA BARBARA-The last time I saw Nick Markowitz was at a West Hills house party in the summer of 2000. We were both about to be high school juniors. By that time most of us had gained credentials to be granted access to this sort of party-lost our virginities, gained our driver's licenses. The parents of whomever were away, and bongs were dutifully on display to advertise the nature of the get together. In spite of the video games, shitty beer [...]


Happy Birthday, Defense Department Network That Became the Internet!

The longhairs with the pocket protectors had already set up the lines between USC and Stanford and UC Santa Barbara. It was 1969, a weird year of technological and social progress (Apollo 11, Mariner 6 and 7, the Stonewall Riots) and de-evolution (President Richard Nixon, the Manson Murders). Students were still seizing campus buildings—SDS took the Harvard administration building that spring—but on this day 43 years ago, the hippie nerds in the computer labs made the last connection in their four-node Defense Department-funded networked computer project. The fourth computer came online at the University of Utah.

The first text transmission using the new packet-switching technology was "lo," from [...]


Jesse James Hollywood On Trial: Part One

SANTA BARBARA-Trials are terrible things in that they bring people together. This past Friday, in the afternoon, Jack Hollywood, a brawny man in billowy khaki pants and dark sunglasses, stood in the sun at the top of the Santa Barbara courthouse stairs. His son is accused of kidnapping and ordering the murder of the son of Jeff Markowitz-who stood at the foot of the stairs. The two men stood and looked beyond each other for roughly ten minutes. Hollywood smoked and paced. Markowitz stood with his shoulders rolled back and his hands resting in his pockets.


Jesse James Hollywood On Trial, Part Three

Jesse James Hollywood is on trial in Santa Barbara for the murder of Nicholas Markowitz in 2000. Part one of our coverage, regarding the beginning of the trial, was published here on May 27; part two, describing the witnesses for the prosecution, was published here on June 18.

SANTA BARBARA-Yesterday I arrived at the Santa Barbara courthouse during the trial's lunch break, and so I wandered over to a small café off the main shopping drag. The place was called Judge For Yourself. Jack Hollywood and his family, all blondes with tan skin and bright clothing, sat at a corner table with their diner fare. I approached the [...]