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What Australians Learn In School

Good lord, Australia, stop pelting your Prime Minister with sandwiches. I mean, unless that's a sign of respect down there, which given everything we know about that country it probably is.


Sandwich Meaty

Is this the world's meatiest sandwich? Sure, why the hell not.


Here's a REAL Recipe for Summer Tomato Sandwiches

Today the Times prints a recipe for "tomato salad on a roll," in which the final recipe instruction is this: "Cover sandwiches with a clean dish towel and wait for an hour or so before serving." (Sure, they want the sardines and garlic to "marry" and whatever, okay, sure, I get it, it's just: it's hot and I'm hungry.)

Here's my very own summer tomato sandwich recipe!

1. Get some bread, toast it lightly, just a little.

2. Put tomatoes (preferably little ones, and yellow, and cut in half) and torn basil, with some olive oil and salt and pepper, on one piece of bread. Put some mozzarella [...]


How You Can Make The Most Delicious Sandwich In New York City

Would you like to learn how to make the most delicious sandwich available to eat in New York City? It's easy and not very expensive.

First, go to one of the noodle shops called Xi'an Famous Foods. This is a chain that started in Flushing Queens (locations at 41-28 Main Street and 133-31 39th Avenue), but now has two outposts in Manhattan: one in Chinatown, just north of East Broadway, on the outside of the East side of the base of the Manhattan Bridge—this is the one I usually go to. And one in the East Village, at 81 St. Mark's Place.


Orangey Bacon Sandwich Surprisingly Enjoyable

I have the shame: I am ashamed to admit that I read the weekend WSJ magazine, WSJ. The whole thing. Yes, even the couture piece. Yes, even the many articles about watches. And, yes, even the Sophie Dahl, uh, charticle. So, yes, I have the shame. But I also have a recipe!


Why Does Pret A Manger Think Americans Are Stupid?

The delightful Pret A Manger sandwich shops which have taken Manhattan by storm in the last decade—in the days when they were backed by McDonald's—began in London. When Pret first showed up here, they went a bit screwy: apparently there was just too much mayo for New Yorkers and they overextended themselves and had to close stores. But they recovered—with new financial partners—quite nicely, and are a happy addition to New York City's lunch options. And back home, in London, Pret is more omnipresent than Starbucks is in New York. Why, sometimes you can see three Prets from a roundabout!

And inside the Prets of London… uh, WE AMERICANS [...]


The Mucky Fat Sandwich

Would YOU eat a mucky fat sandwich?


Men Too Tired, Hungry To Think About Sex

"It's often said men think about sex every seven seconds. But a study shows that they daydream about sleep and food just as much – if not more."


Leave It To Denny's To Figure Out A Way To Screw Up Grilled Cheese

I have been wondering about Denny's Fried Cheese Melt ever since I first heard of the bread/American cheese/mozzerella sticks concoction earlier this week. Why pair American cheese with the mozzerella sticks, and not something more compatible like, say, provolone? Why does the official image of the sandwich make it seem like the cheese within each layer is completely unmeltable, thus food-styling away one of the biggest competitve advantages of the grilled-cheese sandwich as opposed to, say, a BLT? (Hands up if you thought those were chicken fingers inside the sandwich.) Will the marinara sauce have any spice beyond salt in it? And, perhaps most importantly, how would it stack [...]


Spoiler: He Dies… From Utter Deliciousness

Hurley from Lost teaches the Internet how to turn a cupcake into a sandwich. With pictures! If this revelation does not spawn at least four food-truck concepts by the end of the week, we all will have failed.


How To Enjoy A Beef On Weck When You're Not In Buffalo

A series about foods we miss and our quests to recreate them.

I have no idea why the chicken wing was the food to make it out of Buffalo. I mean, I understand the appeal, but its ultimate success is baffling when you consider my beloved hometown’s other signature dish—the beef on weck, which, were this a right world, would be the Buffalo food on every bar menu. It’s a very simple sandwich: roast beef and horseradish, but it’s the roll that’s key. It requires kummelweck, which is hard to find outside of western New York, and that might be what's held the beef on weck back from world domination.


The Riot Police Sandwich Crisis

"The quality of sandwiches offered to police during this summer's riots has emerged as one of the top complaints from frontline officers involved in tackling the disorder, a report has revealed…. Officers complained in 'vast numbers' about the choice of sandwich fillings from the catering teams, saying tuna, chicken and egg sandwiches which have a 'limited shelf life’ left them exposed to the risk of food poisoning and were 'disgusting after sitting around in a warm van'."


The Best Turkey Sandwich In The World

"They weren’t thinking about fusion per se. They were thinking about New York and approaching terroir, a French concept usually applied to the climate and natural harvest of a given area, in a new way. What ethnic foods had come to co-exist in, and define, the terroir of this city? The answer: Almost every kind. Their take on chicken fra diavolo gets some of its heat from sriracha, an Asian pepper blend. It sits on a slick of un-Italian yogurt." —Frank Bruni's article about Torrisi Italian Specialties in this weekend's Times Magazine starts out seeming like a profiley thing about a hit restaurant, but gets into a more [...]


Double Down To Stick Around For All Of Swimsuit Season

The grease purveyors at KFC have sold nearly 10 million bread-free Double Downs since the conglomeration of bacon, chicken, and special sauces made its debut a mere five weeks ago. The "promotional sandwich" was supposed to be removed from the chain's menus on May 23, but executives — clearly realizing that the only innovation that can get as much ink as the Double Down is a potentially horrifying one involving a blended drink that's named after a pun on the old percussion term "chicken shake" — have decided to keep them around at least through the end of the summer.