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How to Make a Good Salad Without Dumb Leaves

When someone says salad, your first thought is probably a bunch of leaves, like lettuce or spinach or kale, plus some other stuff, and a dressing. Here’s the thing about the word “salad”: it means nothing. It doesn’t mean something cold; it doesn’t mean something raw; it doesn’t mean something with lots of different ingredients; it doesn’t mean something vegetable-based; and it CERTAINLY doesn’t mean a pile of leaves.

Leaves, even the stronger-tasting ones, are filler. No one has ever once thought, “Dang, this salad is good, but it’d be more good with more lettuce in it.” This idea of a leafy salad is perpetuated by make-your-own-salad joints that [...]


The April Issue of 'Elle'

Reports intrepid Elle reader Emily Gould, whilst at the pedicurist: "The Reese Witherspoon profiler, as per Reese Witherspoon usual, had to try to make a story out of how Witherspoon has become an expert at being completely opaque to reporters. They met in a courtyard outside Reese's production company, Reese was late, there was some confusion about salads, one assistant ushered the reporter in and another told Reese when it was time to leave, and in the meantime they talked about absolutely nothing." And more.


Salad Lizardy

You are not gonna believe this either, but it turns out that there are actually places in Midtown where you can get a salad for six bucks.


The Last of the New Jersey Tomatoes

It's been a rough month. In one small bright spot, there is the fact that, right now, in November, after the hurricane, after the first snow, you can eat a better-tasting tomato than you have eaten all year. (Thanks, global warming.) Over in Park Slope, Scalino on 7th Avenue and 10 Street is still serving up a "Jersey Tomato Salad," but not for long. Go today or within the next week, because the guy who runs the place told me that's as long as he'll have this particularly fantastic batch of tomatoes he gets from a farmer he knows who probably likes Bruce Springsteen.